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Why You Should Not Worry When Your iPhone’s Battery Health Decrease

The battery is one of the most important components in an iPhone, and every user should strive to maintain the battery life of their iPhone to make it last longer. Battery maintenance can be done by controlling the frequency of recharging, managing screen brightness, and analyzing the usage of downloaded applications on your iPhone device.

Battery Health will not cease to decline regardless of what You Do

However, did you know that Battery Health will still decline no matter how well you take care of it? As an iPhone user, you may have heard questions like these:

“Is 96% battery health okay? I just bought it six months ago.” “Why is my battery health decreasing quickly?”

Understanding the concept of Battery Health in an iPhone

Battery Health is a term used to measure the capacity of an iPhone battery. You can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see the percentage of Battery Health on your iPhone. However, you should also know that this reading is not 100% accurate and is only an estimate to determine the current condition of the battery.

Note: Battery health can decrease by up to 5% in the first six months and only 2% in the following six months. This indicates that the rate of decline cannot be predicted; it is random.

The iPhone uses a Lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged and has a long lifespan of over 1000 recharge cycles. Recharge cycles refer to the number of times the battery has been recharged to full capacity. After several tens or hundreds of cycles, the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery will start to decrease.

Over time, when the battery capacity becomes too low, it will affect the performance of the iPhone, and the main indicator of this is when the iPhone battery drains quickly and needs frequent recharging. So, Battery Health is only displayed as a guide or a warning for the aging process of the battery. Again, why shouldn’t you worry?

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So, should you worry when your iPhone’s Battery Health declines?

You don’t need to worry because iPhone batteries are of very high quality and usually last for years. You can still comfortably use your iPhone even after Battery Health starts to decline, even up to 90%. As time goes by, you will definitely notice signs of battery aging.

This is expected, and the best way to deal with it is to replace your iPhone battery with a new one. A new battery will undoubtedly have the maximum battery capacity, and a quality or original replacement battery will also last a long time.

You also don’t need to worry because Battery Health only serves as a guide to help you as an iPhone user make decisions. The more accurate guide is through your own experience while using the iPhone. If you feel that your battery performance has declined, for example, if you need to recharge it twice a day and the battery health also shows a low percentage (below 80%), then action needs to be taken.

Note: On average, users start to notice a decrease in iPhone battery performance when Battery Health shows a reading below 79%, and critical conditions such as the iPhone frequently shutting down on its own.

When should you check or replace your iPhone’s battery with a new one?

The battery is fully charged but cannot last a day of your usage. The battery drains quickly, and the iPhone needs frequent recharging throughout the day. The iPhone frequently shuts down when running specific applications. When iPhone technicians recommend replacing the battery.

Also, make sure to replace your iPhone battery at a trusted service center to avoid being scammed. A good service center and technician will provide you with tips on battery lifespan maintenance according to your usage suitability.

Note: Some users prefer to upgrade their iPhone devices to newer models after several years of usage and sell (trade-in) or use the old iPhone as a secondary device.


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