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Common Causes and Solutions for iPhone Motherboard Issues

These are the questions that often come to the mind of an iPhone user when facing motherboard problems with their iPhone:

“Why did my iPhone motherboard get damaged?” “I only dropped it a little, shouldn’t it damage the motherboard?”

Causes & Reasons for iPhone Motherboard Damage

1. Not Using a Good Charger Cable

One of the primary factors often mentioned when this problem occurs is the use of inappropriate charging equipment. Please do not use cheap or bargain chargers purchased at night markets. If the voltage emitted by the charger cannot be accepted by your iPhone, that is the main cause of motherboard damage!

2. Not Using iTunes for iOS Updates

Furthermore, I also do not recommend updating iOS through OTA (Over The Air), which means using internet data, Wi-Fi, or hotspots. This is because these three types of connections are not always stable when downloading software for iOS updates.

Instead, connect your iPhone to a laptop and update it using the iTunes application on your laptop. This is the safest way to update iOS, okay!

3. Water Damage to the iPhone

And thirdly, water damage can be a cause of motherboard problems. Apart from heat, water is one of the main enemies of electrical and electronic devices. The presence of water can cause short circuits on your iPhone’s motherboard. The parts of the iPhone motherboard that are exposed to water can corrode and subsequently damage the surfaces and contents of the integrated circuits (ICs).

How to Identify Motherboard Problems on the iPhone

If your iPhone is completely dead or frequently restarts on its own, you should bring your iPhone to Taliponiesta for a direct inspection of the device.

Some problems may not originate from the motherboard. Damage can also occur from any faulty or fragile connections because electronic devices do not guarantee lifelong use, just like humans who do not live forever, hehe.

There is another way to identify problems with our iPhone, and it involves the following steps:

Settings – Privacy – Analytics & Improvement – Analytics Data

You need to access the Panic Log section. If an iPhone has a motherboard problem, the log of that damage will be recorded on our iPhone every time it restarts or dies on its own.

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Does the iPhone Motherboard Need to be Replaced or Can it be Repaired?

A frequently asked question is whether the iPhone motherboard needs to be replaced or can it be repaired. The answer is that the iPhone motherboard can only be repaired and not replaced with a new one. If the motherboard is replaced, all data on the iPhone will be lost, such as photos and apps.

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